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After attending the most recent conferences at El Centro, the only university-based research institute solely devoted to the interdisciplinary study of the Puerto Rican experience in the United States, I learned about these incredible Puerto Rican led initiatives that make it easy for us all to do our part.

1. Support Puerto Ricans coming to the mainland

A team of Puerto Ricans who came from the island years ago started Diaspora Por Puerto Rico, a platform that connects Puerto Ricans looking to move from the island with those on the mainland.

Why it’s amazing:

  • Personal Connection – Allows Puerto Ricans on the mainland to directly support Puerto Ricans on the island who may not know what specific challenges they may face upon moving.
  • Shared Resources – Puerto Ricans looking to move can connect with someone who can help answer basic questions about topics such as housing (e.g. what websites or apps to use), employment and more.
  • Information Hub – The site also provides news updates about the Puerto Rican Diaspora in the United States.

2. Support Puerto Rican businesses

Check out Con Calma, a Puerto Rican brand that combines functionality, quality and creative design into its products with sustainable, social and responsible actions. After the Hurricane, they updated their slogan, Con Calma (With Ease), to Con Calma Con Prisa (With Ease With Speed).

What makes it unique:

  • Supports the local economy.
  • Raises awareness of fair trade practices.
  • Promotes sustainable practices.

3. Support innovators in Puerto Rico

Check out Creatives Mean Business, led by creative entrepreneurs looking to unlock the potential of creativity in business. The founders believe that now, more than ever, creatives and innovators can help pave the way forward for Puerto Rico.

Their new publication, Innovations You May Not Know Were From Latin America and the Caribbean (available online), looks to broaden the visibility of creatives and innovators in the region.

4. Support Puerto Rico through policy

5. Looking to support financially?

Check out my previous post for organizations to consider. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy has also published the names of companies that have made financial contributions and organizations working to support the relief.

The devastating situation in Puerto Rico, and disheartening updates, such as the fact that fundraising efforts for Hurricane Maria have lagged comparatively, should not paralyze us. Take thoughtful action today.

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