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On average, Latinas are paid 46% less than White men.

Today, Tuesday, April 10, 2018 is Equal Pay Day. In the United States, on average, women are paid 20% less than men. For Black women, that disparity rises to 38%, and for Latinas, the largest disparity exists.

Lean In created an Equal Pay Day campaign to raise awareness on this issue.

We are aware. Now, what can we do?

Stand by companies getting this right. Does your company do a pay audit? Does your organization ensure promotions and hiring are done fairly? Here are other things companies can do to make this right.

Just last month, we lost Lisa Garcia Quiroz, Harvard alumna, who was a champion for inclusion and equity. She served as the first Chief Diversity Officer for Time Warner and served on the board of various nonprofits, including the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. She had also been appointed as chairman of the Corporation for National and Community Service Board of Directors by President Obama. Her loss is a big one for Time Warner, and for all of us. As a young professional, and as a Latina, I am grateful for the legacy Lisa Garcia Quiroz leaves behind and I hope that we can act on the urgent need for equity.

Equity in pay, as well as equity in access and representation is desperately needed to change our world for the better.

There is countless research that shows why diversity, equity, and inclusion makes companies better, but must we always need the business case to do what is right? (This Harvard Business Review article argues we don’t.)

Organizations like HACR, Latina Surge, and Catalyst work to advocate for diversity on corporate boards and corporate leadership.

Are we inclusive in our advocacy toward equity?

Rethinking Work-Life Balance for Women of Color showcases the particular challenges that have existed for women of color in the labor force. We must make progress toward diversity, equity and inclusion across sectors, particularly keeping those most affected by these disparities at the forefront.

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